Earth Day

we need to recycle because it helps the water quality because we are not using plastic bottles and it will help the with the cleanliness or water so that we can swim and still use water and drink.

Walk or ride where possible instead of driving?
we need to ride bikes more because all of the fumes go into the water and it is not safe for use to drink and it is better also for the environment to ride a bike instead

Plant trees?
Trees improve water quality by slowing rain as it falls to the Earth, and helping it soak into the soil. Trees then serve as natural sponges, collecting and filtering rainfall and releasing it slowly into streams and rivers. Tress are the most effective land cover for maintenance of water quality.from

Clean up outdoor areas?
i think that we should clean up outdoor areas because then if we have anything that would harm the environment out side like plastic bottles or straws or anything like that that could harm the environment.
Donate goods you don’t need?

Use reusable bottles and cups?
Yes because then we are-not going through that much waste and then we can keep the water clean and fresh for us to drink.

Minimise printing?
well yes because we are not going through much ink and ink is bad for the ocean and we can help all of the sea animals so we are not harming them

Avoid plastic bags and food packaging?
yes because if you drop them on the ground and they go into the sea then are water would not be able to be drinkable and clean and so are sea life don t die.

Grow your own food?
Yes because then you can cook more food and use less plastic and not harming the environment and we will be able to drink all for that water.

Avoid wasting water?
yes because if you waste water then we will not have as much as what we need for everything we need it for.

Turn the lights off when you leave a room?
yes because that helps the hole environment.

Home Learning Week 6 Cambodia


2. The continent of Cambodia is Asia

3. The capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh

4. Cambodia is in the Northern Hemisphere

5. Cambodia’s population is 16.72 million people live there

6. The National language that is spoken in Cambodia is Khmer but they also speak French, English, and Cham is also a National language spoken in Cambodia.

7. Their currency is Cambodian riel

8. An interesting fact about Cambodia is that they have NO MACDONLDS THERE.

9. The boarding country that shares a border with Cambodia is Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.

By Tiarny

Commenting on comments

1.  It is not appropriate for teachers and that she should have used the right text to send to a teacher.

2. That you can understand it very clearly and you can see what they are trying to say.

3. That the should have included paragraphs and checked there spelling.

4. That they should have used one o on so, not like this sooooooo.

5. That the should have included paragraphs and checked there spelling.

6. She should have used the full word great not like this gr8.

7. That is dose not say who it if from and who it is to and it is very short and they should have written more.

8.  That it is very confident and that it is very good and that it is very formal and good for a teacher

200 word challenge

Rebecca time to WAKE UP,(Alarm clock) what the time? Says Rebecca,(Alarm clock) 6:30am, OMG I AM LATE FOR SCHOOL, Rebecca quickly puts on her school uniform and runs downstairs says bye to mum and dad while her toast is toasting, however she trips over her bag because she is rushing after she starts crying REBECCA ARE YOU OK, says mum, NO says Rebecca, Therefore mum is running down the hallway even though she is pregnant she was worried, in that case, it gave her pain, Mum helped me get up  I was fine after that, I got m toast and left the house on the way to school I had to catch the bus I did not like the bus because some boys bully me and the fact that mums pregnant it did not help because I was worried when I got home dad said that mum is not very well she has gone to the hospital said dad, At that point, I was worried dad said we have to go to the hospital now, in my head I was thinking so meaningful things I was thinking is mum alright is the baby ok is she going to have the baby?.

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